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Only Keira!
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Hey fans! Welcome to Only Keira!, a community focused on delivering the best news, media, photos, etc. of your favorite girl, Keira Knightley! Please read the rules before posting.

- You can post anything here. We don't limit you to just photos or media. The only thing we ask is that it's Keira-related. If you post anything that isn't about her, it will be deleted.

- Please credit people! If you take a picture from a certain site, please give credit. If you take an article, please list the source.

- No hotlinking. If you post a picture/graphic, please upload it to a free server like imageshack or tinypic.

- If you post an article longer than 5 paragraphs, or if you have three or more graphics/pictures in one post, please put the full story / all the photos behind a cut.

- Any picture wider than 400px must be behind a cut.

- Please no flaming. Let's be mature :)

- Warn for spoilers. It's awful when someone sees/reads something that they don't want to know.

- If you have questions/comments, please email ali@wearthesun.net

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